Apples for Apples - Why you cant compare generic plans, inclusions and prices

Often when clients come to see us they have already done the rounds of numerous display villages and are armed with a multitude of glossy brochures, plans, inclusion lists and and wide variety of pricing.  When we ask clients if they have obtained a quote from a builder often they have only been supplied an inclusion list and a basic price not relevant to the clients actual block or project.

 With little idea of what they are actually going to get for the prices quoted new home builders often end up confused and frustrated with the process. We often see clients when they are ready to give up the idea of building their dream home. 

While clients think they can  Its impossible to compare designs and quotes from different builders. Even if the plan is the same size too many variables exist to be able to do a true comparison. The design, number of doors, walls, size of kitchen , if it has an internal laundry or not , roof line and just the general inclusions can make the same sized turn key home a totally different price from builder to builder.

We often have clients asking about square metre rates for builders but this is totally misleading way to assess the true value.

We move to take all the guess work out and compare apples with apples.

We put all of the builders on the same playing field.

Ask us how we can obtain quotes for the exact same design and inclusions and take the frustration, mystery and guess work out of your dream home.

Forget the glossy brochures and gimmicks we bring everything together for you in one neat easy to understand and black and white package!