Some of the common issues building the project builders way

 1.  You will be wasting time walking around display villages for weeks or months on end collecting glossy brochures which ultimately mean nothing to your project. You will try to decipher what your really getting but in the end it will be as clear as mud with some companies. What you see in the display homes while nice to look at wont be in the inclusion list you pick up on the way out the door. For some builders most of it will be missing and you wont realize this until you sit down and try to get a quote done.

2.  Once you have done the rounds you may speak to a couple of different companies who take ages to get back to you and then you have a range of conflicting information and opinions to try and deal with .

Display home consultants are all quick to point out their companies good points and the company next doors bad points to you.  They will try to convince you that the inclusions they have are the best (even when major items are missing). These are typical sales tactics. They want your business at all costs.

The builder next door will probably tell you the same story so how do you determine what is and is not right?.  Unfortunately at this stage many clients walk away from building a home as it all seems to hard. First home buyers find this stage the hardest as they try to absorb every bit of information given to them for better or worse!.

3. You may have some pricing but until you pay the builder money you don't really know what your working with. Soil tests and contours where applicable need to be done then you have to design and draft a house. The standard process time for this is up to 6 weeks. Remember your display home consultant has the head office undertake all these things for you. Drafting and changes can take weeks. You are one of many jobs for a larger builder and the process time is slow. You are not the number 1 priority but you may be number 30 or 40.

4. Moving on in time what then happens when the price the builder estimated comes back thousands of dollars more or you are just plain unhappy with the service?. You have paid them money and spent the better part of 2 or more months getting to this point. What choices do you have when you have locked yourself in and invested both time and money?.

Lets not forget also at this point you are probably paying a mortgage on your new block of land as well as rent!. The builder who has drafted your plan owns them and you cant simply leave and go to another company. You will need to start the same process all over again and part with more money all the while paying the mortgage on your land.

There are some great companies out there who are dedicated and efficient but they are hard to sometimes sort through with so many builders around.

One of the biggest issues clients face and is often discussed is just because a builder has a glossy magazines, 10 magnificent display homes it doesn't make them a good builder. There are some excellent builders out there and just because they don't spend a million dollars on advertising does not make mean they are not going to do an excellent job for you.

 The last big issue our clients come to us with is - give a ways , gimmicks, special offers designed to bring you through the door. They are just as said gimmicks. They are usually offered by companies who do not offer a full turn key price up front. We all know nothing is really ever genuinely for free. It is not possible to get free ducted air. If ducted air was free then ducted air companies would go out of business!.

We aim to keep it real for our clients.