Help me build my new home - Building made easy as we bring the builders to you 

Building Brokers offers the service you have been looking for regardless if this is your first, second or 10th home.
We have worked on projects from 100sqm to 600 sqm. No job is to big or to small for our range of companies !
There is nothing more frustrating than dragging the family around numerous display homes looking for a builder, plan or quote. Often you will have to wait extended periods to hear from anyone and are not given the correct information. Every sales person tells you a different story about why they are the best and why the opposition does things wrong. Unless you are a builder you have no way of knowing if the information provided is correct or even relevant to your property.
Our sales managers are experienced in the building industry and know the pros and cons of most companies. Because Building Brokers and staff have no affiliation with one company we can clearly and honestly lay the cards on the table for you in black and white and provide accurate honest comparisons. Just like your mortgage broker building brokers can provide the options with the information to help you make a clear concise choice.
We work with a panel of 20 plus registered and approved HIA or Master builders. From Larger companies building up to 300 homes per year to smaller specialist builders ideal for difficult sites. Some are larger names in the residential market you will recognize and some smaller builders with excellent product that may suit your needs better that you won’t. All our builders have been carefully investigated by building brokers with clear license and QBCC checks. Most our builders have completed between 1-10 projects for us in the past 12 -18 months with excellent results. 
We know the ins and outs of each builder. Which are better for high set or lows (product and pricing etc, which are the quickest in and out of council, which are the quickest to complete, which suits first home buyers needing a little more attention than a seasoned builder. We work through all these options for you.
We offer 3 distinct services for home builders and work with you as your project manager throughout the entire process.
1. - Bring your own block, select a plan from one of our builders, quote and contract.
2.-  Bring your own block, start with a concept plan and develop to suit your needs, this is a custom job and we prepare the entire build from soil tests, contours, personalized drafting, personalized inclusions to final job tender.  Visit our "Broker our Build" page for more details.
3. Select from one of our builders pre-packaged options in a range of locations. Full turn key packages generally in popular estates.
Fees do apply for these services however all fees payed are fully deductible from your build contract.
Why customize your plan and project before working with a selected builder?
When you pay your preliminary deposit to a builder to have soils, contours and drafting done you are still subject to final quoting. When the work is completed if the quote you get back is much higher than initially thought then you have minimal options. You feel committed because you have paid them money (which is non-refundable) but unhappy that the final quote suddenly increased dramatically because the builder left key items out to keep the price down.  If the builder has drafted the design you cannot just go to another builder as the plan will be copyrighted to the original company. Also, if you go to another company you will again pay a preliminary fee, take another 6 plus weeks starting the process again.
Following our process, we undertake the soil test where possible, contour. Your design is drafted on your block and you own the design. When the job is tendered to the builders for quoting they are provided all the information however they do not own that information.  You can then select the builder you wish to build on based on an exact comparison of the same design, inclusions and parameters.
Our process saves weeks of time and potential wasted money if you find you are not happy with the builder you initially selected. The preliminary fee you pay to building brokers covers all these services you would normally undertake with the builder. We ensure the tendering companies provide a credit to you for the soil test and contours and in most case the preliminary drawings. The preliminary fee you pay to building brokers is also credited off your building contract price upfront. If you do not proceed to contract with a builder however the fee becomes non-refundable as it would with a builder as the funds are used to cover the works done on your project.
This is the quickest and safest way to find your new home!
Visit the "Broker our Build" page for more details.
If you would like to know more why not contact us or come into our office for a complimentary meeting?. Complete the enquiry form below and one of our sales managers will be in contact within 48 working hours.