Investment Services

We specialize in prompt service for our investors. Advise your needs and we will send you a digital file of options within 24-48 hours that meet your criteria from a range of builders. No need to ring around we will take care of it for you with your one phone call. If the right option is not presented we will create a custom package for you at no additional charge, In many cases our builders own the blocks the packages are on and depositing conditions are simplified.


* Ready to tenant house and land packages throughout Queensland with over 20 quality builders.

* Custom investment properties we will source and custom design a home if required at no additional charge.

* Duplexes

* Dual Key

* Town houses

* Units

* Contract turn around in approximately 7-10 day.

* Largest data base of investment options in S.E Queensland

* Deposits can vary between $1000 - $3000 with no further payments until finance approvals are in place or land registers in some cases