Steps To Your New Home

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From concept to move in - We guide you every step of the way


Feel free to do the display home walks, but it is not required with Building Brokers. You will have an appointment with one of our experienced sales managers who will firstly assess your block and its requirements. We will then discuss the style and type of home you have in mind; most importantly, we will discuss a realistic budget and expectations upfront. What are you hoping to achieve in your home and is your budget realistic in today's market?


Our sales manager will assess this information and will present if required, a range of plan options to start working with. We may decide to go straight to a custom design based on your requirements. The plans we present to start can all be used as the basis of your home. They can be changed or altered to suit. You can also bring your ideas to the table, bring us plans you like the look of and we can look at developing this for you.


If you don't already have a soil test and contour, we will order this within 24 hours and have the results back in 7-10 working days. This ensures we know exactly what we are working with in relation to foundations, piers and costs and importantly the wind rating. If no clear contour is available or disclosure, a new one will also be ordered especially if we have a more difficult infill, sloping site or rural property to work with.


Once we have worked with you on changes to your preferred plan or custom design, it is sent straight to drafting along with the contour and soil test. The design is sited correctly showing the site works required, retaining if applicable and ensures the design will also comply with the council or developer requirements. Our drafting team allows up to 4 major changes or multiple items and a small charge applies for additional drafting changes.


We work through the inclusions with you, so they are exactly what you want. No item, feature, or task is an issue. We understand this is your home and the reason you are building is so you can get what you want - not what a builder says you should have. We pretty much know the cost of every item in a house, so this makes it easier for us to keep you on the budget from the outset. We will inform you when items are going to take you over your budget.


Once we are happy with the design, finalised the inclusions and had a final meeting with you to review the fun really starts. We tender your job out for an exact quotation. We select builders from our panel of HIA or master builder licensed companies. Builders we know will be best suited to your project. We carefully consider the companies it's sent to and will discuss these with you. We make sure the options presented are the best possible not only concerning price but also the processes of the company to suit the client.


You may ask now what the approximate time frame is for this process. The answer is it varies depending on a range of factors. The average time however in total is between 6-8 weeks. Larger, more complex projects that require additional tests (acoustic, floods, etc.) can take longer. More complex designs (townhouses, three-storey homes, or specialist designs, etc.) can also take longer. The extra time is usually spent in the development of the client's plan. We are happy to work with you to achieve the home of your dreams. As every client is deemed number one with us, these processes are essentially halved in comparison to a project builder.


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